Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Joe (The Big Show)

Amy, our lovely volunteer & self-described aspiring senior, writing down Joe's story
More weeks than not, when a story brings to mind a phrase in a certain song, Joe would ease into the song. You know, like in a musical, when talking slides right into singing, and you are swept away from real life into a musical world. I don’t know how it is humanly possible but I swear he knows the words of every song ever written. Those of us who know the words would join in, and the rest of us who don’t would just clap and laugh. It’s instant happy time. When I look at big Joe at the table, telling about little Joe on stage, I feel like in a way, I am in the audience with his parents too, clapping and clapping.

Joe Garrison
The Big Show

Every spring, high school boys put on variety show.  Musical with a little comedy.  When I was 10, an older boy thought it would be good for me to be the singer.  I jumped at the chance.  I always wanted to be on stage.  I performed two numbers. We rehearsed all evening every day.  I was anxious as the show came nearer.  I was looking forward to the show.  I sang my 2 songs and was overwhelmed and scared by the exuberant applause.  After the show I found my parents were in attendance and they loved my performance. This was one of my favorite childhood memories.