Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Miss Mo (The Great Haircut)

Speaking of fightin’ tough, here’s Miss Mo (not to be confused with Mo from the previous blog post, who happens to be a big guy – this here is our supertiny lady Mo) fighting for her right… to get her hair cut!! I laughed my head off through the entire story when she read this out loud.  Her tone was feisty the whole way through.  My fave part, is how she titled the story The GREAT Haircut. As in, Take that, Society (Miss Mo is 91 so this all took place in the early 30’s): If a girl wants a triangle on her head, a girl gets a triangle on her head!

Missouri Grier
The Great Haircut

I had a job at a beauty shop where my sister used to get her hair dressed. My father did not like girls and ladies getting their hair cut. In his world, only men did that. My sister got hers cut and he was very angry but said to her, she was a grown-up.

She suggested it was time I started to take an interest in how I should look as a teenager so she started me there to get my hair done. This went on for a year. One day she said, “Are you going to get your hair done today?” She gave me money to get it done, but did not say anything about cutting. I lied, told the hairdresser she said I could get my hair cut. I sat at the dinner table with a triangle on my head from Monday to Friday. My father looked at me and wanted to know why I kept my head covered, reached over and took the hair net off, asking, “Where is your hair?” Answer: Upstairs. “Why is your hair up there, when you are sitting down here?” Answer: I got it cut. He was so mad. He said, “I will never buy you anymore hats.” At 14 years old, who cares. Mother said, “Leave it alone, it will grow back.”