Monday, May 2, 2011

Jill’s Goodbye

We had an extra special class this past Thursday. The seniors planned and hosted a sendoff for our Public Education Coordinator, Jill, whom you have probably seen in many of our Facebook photos (how can you miss that fabulous red hair?!) While Jill will continue working on our project digitally, she is moving to Australia and we’re going to miss her so much!! The seniors and I have already made plans to Skype her into class, and give her (well…her face on the laptop screen) a seat, as we did for Wally the Walrus (check out that blog post from a couple weeks ago!)

For me, personally, one of the most special parts of this project is one that I never could have expected before starting it – the friendships I have gained with the magnificent individuals who make up my team. And Jill is someone I consider a truly great friend. Funny thing is, I would never have known her if she had not reached out to me offering to help with this project a little over a year ago. Not only has she given me invaluable professional social work advice, she has given me continual personal emotional support (oh yeah, you can ask her, she’s taken quite a few “please help” phone calls from me…)

And so, Jill: Best wishes for what’s to come. Thank you for everything you do for this project, and more importantly for being my friend. See you on Skype!

Jill Chonody
Jill’s Goodbye

Sing it again!

How many times in your life are you serenaded? Once. Maybe twice. I lost count today around 5.

How often do you get to hear how people really feel about you? Once a week? A month? A year?

How often does it happen that a group of friends gather together to wish you well?

My friends at the senior center did all of these things for me today, but over the course of the past year or so that I’ve known them, they’ve done so much more. They have welcomed me into their fold, laughed with me, shared their stories, and allowed me to be a small part in their lives.

So as I leave for my new journey to Australia, I keep each and every one of these special people in my heart and in my mind. I will remember the hugs and kisses, the experiences we’ve had together, and most of all your kindness. When I’m missing the group, I’ll watch our video and I’ll keep visiting the blog so I can keep up with all your adventures.

Be on the lookout for a koala! He’ll be coming your way soon!!

Hattie Lee Ellerbe
An Oxymoron:  A Happy Sad Farewell

To Jill . . . . “our Jill”.

It is with happiness and joy that we wish you farewell.

Although we feel a little sad, we are very happy for you.  Good luck . . . God bless you and keep in touch.  The tears are going to come . . . .

Love you so much Jill!!!

We hope to stay in touch.

Love, Hattie Lee Ellerbe