Below are some of the community and professional settings that we have been featured in, and awards we have received. Email us at if you would like our founder and team to give a training seminar at your conference or if you would like our seniors to share stories at your community event.

Books and Professional Journals
·      Chonody, Jill and Wang, Donna. "Community Art: Creative Approaches to Practice." 2014.
·      Fleisher, Barbara and Reese, Thelma. "The New Senior Woman: Reinventing the Years Beyond Mid-Life." 2013.
·      Chonody, Jill and Wang, Donna. “Connecting older adults to the community through multimedia: An intergenerational reminiscence program.” Professional Journal of Activities, Adaptation, and Aging. 2012.

TV, Radio and Podcasts
·      ABC News: "Art of Aging: Best Day of My Life."
·     Blog Talk Radio’s eCare Diary Radio Program. “Multi-Media Storytelling Project Connecting Seniors with Younger Generations.”
·      WXPN Radio’s LIVE at the Writers House Radio Program. “Winners of the Leeway Grant.”
·      Philadelphia Free Library of Philadelphia’s Author Events Series. “The Best Day of My Life So Far: Senor Storytelling Day.”

Newspaper and Online Articles
·      Diane Menio. "Secrets from The Best Day of My Life (So Far): A Call to Action." American Society on Aging Blog. February 2014.
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·      April 2013: Northeast Regional Honors Association and La Salle University’s Annual Honors Association Conference
·      September 2012: Association for Public Art’s Open Air Light Show
·      November 2012: Australian Association of Gerontology’s 45th National Conference in Brisbane, Australia
·      September 2012: Philadelphia Art Alliance’s Philadelphia Qualities of Life Exhibit
·      December 2011: University of Kansas and Online News Association’s Telling Stories of Diversity in the Digital Age Virtual Summit
·      October 2011: A Special Class in Memory of Arthur (A Best Day of My Life So Far Event)
·      June 2011: Our Best Day so Far Satellite Launch Party (A Best Day of My Life So Far Event co-hosted by AARP and Free Library of Philadelphia)
·      March 2011: Philadelphia Corporation for Aging’s The Role of the Arts and Creativity in Your Senior Center Programming Seminar
·      November 2010: Seniors' Storytelling Day (A Best Day of My Life So Far Event co-hosted by Free Library of Philadelphia)
·      October 2010: Best Day Meets WHYY (A Best Day of My Life So Far Event co-hosted by WHYY Radio, an NPR Affiliate)
·      June 2010: American Society on Aging’s Annual East Coast Conference
·      May 2010: Creative Arts and Aging Network’s Arts for All Ages Panel

  • Deaconess Innovation Award
  • Kreativ Blogger Award
  • Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grant
  • Martek Biosciences and National Center for Creative Aging Beautiful Minds Award, Semi Finalist
  • Philadelphia Senior Center Teacher of the Year Award