Thursday, April 13, 2023

The Lost Chapters (Diane & Diane)

I have a confession to make. I do not have part 24 of Diane Richardson’s “When I Met My Hubby.” I checked previous weeks, but it’s just not coming up. There’s a few more parts of her story that I also cannot find. However, the next part to her story follows pretty well from Part 23, so that’s what I’m posting. I’ll continue posting chapters of Diane’s story in this way, and I will let you know when I find the lost chapters.

Without further ado, Part 25 of “When I Met My Hubby” by Diane Richardson

Diane Richardson 
When I Met My Hubby Part 25
So Joe and I are enjoying our new home and all is well. But every day I hear knocking on the wall from the right side of the house. It happens almost every day and night. I asked Joe what he thought about it, and he says, “Don’t know.” The knocking continued for a couple of months then stopped.
Then my neighbor on my left asked me if I knew the old lady on my right has passed away? I said I did not. I said I don't know anyone as I am new here. She went on to explain that the mother (the homeowner) was discharged from the hospital to home hospice, care to her daughter Lydia. She said the mother left Lydia the house.
The next thing I know there was all kind of construction going on at the house. A new front and back porch and a new wrap around deck put our deck to shame. Let me not forget the new Mercedes. Lydia was doing it up. I wondered if I should have called the police when I heard the knocking on the wall. What could I say, I hear knocking on the wall? I was new there and if I had known there was and old lady living there, I would have known what to do.
To Be Continued …….

And we also have a bonus story from Diane!
Diane Richardson
My Uncle's Funeral
I come from a very large family. We all live in different states all across the country and we all don’t know or have met one another. The only time we all really got together is at weddings or funerals. My grandmother had thirteen children, four girls, nine boys. My father is one of the boys and I doubt he had any problems in school with bullies.
Our family always used Bakers Funeral Home on North Broad Street. It is the largest funeral home in Philadelphia that has three parlors inside that could hold three services in one day. So, this day I went to attend my Uncle Cecil’s service. So, I walk into the parlor, I see a group of people I think I recognize. I approached them, they embraced me and hugged and cried. We all started talking and crying together and saying how good a person he was and how we all loved him. We all had a good cry together. As I am standing there crying with everyone, I hear my aunt Erma, my father’s baby sister, yell out to me. “Diane get over here. You’re at the wrong funeral!” So I said good bye to everyone I was crying with and went to the correct funeral.

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