Thursday, December 19, 2019

More Than Just Best Day (Rosalyn)

The Best Day of My Life So Far is just one of several of The Philadelphia Senior Center’s programs. And even beyond PSC there’s loads of people starting and running organizations for our older buds. Last Thursday, we had an Amy Haller as a guest, because she was interested in bringing Best Day to the Main Line. She loved hearing everyone else’s stories, and she knew a lot more older buds with stories of their own. I showed her our submission page, so keep an eye out for her submissions soon.

After our session, I caught the tail end of “I Remember When,” a joint production between PSC and the Wilma Theatre. I enjoyed their 2018 show (and Wilma’s dedication to our older buds), so I wanted to see what they did for 2019. What little I caught was incredibly well done, and one older bud in the audience had an interesting story of her own during the talkback. When the show was over, I asked if she wanted to share it with Best Day, and here it is:

Rosalyn McGee
Trying to Be Cute

My sister went to school in the American Institute of Fashion and Design in Lucerne, Switzerland and she brought back colored cigarettes. Black, red, purple, green, any color you could think of. So we were cute with them! We’d bring them with us when we went out. We’d wear red shirts with the red cigarettes, black shirts with black cigarettes, green shirts with green cigarettes, and so on. We never smoked them! We just held them in our hands because they looked good. People would come up to us and ask “Where’d you get those?” They wanted to get some for themselves, but they couldn’t. They were an attention-getter! Aside from that, I never smoked myself, and I never will.

Incidentally...I found a couple different types of colored cigarettes online. I'm putting them in this link and this link because I don't want to advertise them. But feel free to check them out in all their multicolored glory.

I want to give a huge Thank You to everyone who donated to our 10th Anniversary celebration over the past year. You really made our anniversary one to remember. And the party may be over, but we never stop sharing stories. If you or an older bud have a story to share, send them our way right here. Thanks again for everything you've done for us so far, and Happy Holidays. 
 Curated by Caitlin Cieri