Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Loretta (Have a Nice Day)

Whew! I have a serious problem of Attention Excess Disorder. I focus on everything I do a trillion percent. Well, the past couple weeks have been extra intense because in addition to the usual work and mommy responsibilities, our little family moved to the burbs, so now I have moving related responsibilities too... haha, no, I can't stop till every little thing is clean and organized!! Let's just say I have been really – I mean, really – looking forward to propping myself and my laptop on the couch and reading some stories right here with you, to just chill out, or learn to chill out. From day one, this blog has always been a calm retreat for me, to check in with myself, to connect with you. How cool is it that when I started looking through recent stories to share with you, this one by Loretta is the one that fell from the digital heavens onto my lap? It's exactly what I need to hear. Thanks Loretta! I feel so much better after reading your story. And you out there reading, promise you'll have a great day on me, alright ;)?

Loretta Dotson
Have a Nice Day

I feel good when someone wishes me a nice day or a blessed day – or a great day, or a safe day. I feel most people really mean it, when they wish these pleasantries to us. I feel it is more up to date and more personal than the usual “See you,” “Bye,” “Good-Bye,” or “Later”. These wishes really leave you with a pleasant farewell. Yes, a pleasant departure has the tendency to lift our spirits and morale, it makes my day. Sometimes, those simple wishes make you stop and think and believe. I can have and do have a great day and a blessed day, and a nice day. Thanks for reminding me I have access to all of the above. So everyone have a great day on me!