Saturday, May 7, 2016

Tip #12 Listen again and again.

The Tip:
Listen with full attention and let each story sink deep into your heart. Don't just let the stories pass you by. Now here's the real challenge, something that may take some practice - keep listening even after the physical conversation is over. Let the stories' deeper lessons surface over time. When you have a bad day, or when you just need an extra little spark of motivation, sift through the stories in your heart and see if any one of them calls out to you. Without you having to do a thing, a story listened with genuine intentions will return to you, vividly, right when you need it.

The Moment:
When I was pregnant the first time, my older adult buds wrote stories assuring me motherhood will be awesome and I would do just fine. I trusted their advice but it was hard to understand at that point because (a) I had never had a baby before and (b) I was too nervous to take any advice calmly. After giving birth to my kids, both times, I found that my buds' advice about specific things would come back to me right when I was ready for it. It felt like my buds were right there by my side.

The Stories:
Beatrice Newkirk
Every Thursday

Every Thursday is when we come together to our writing class. We meet every Thursday at 1 o’clock in our class. There is so much love and respect. I can’t wait to hear new stories. We even hear about our teacher, Benita, expecting a baby. That is good news! We in the class wish her all the luck.

My family was so happy to hear the news. She surprised us all. Being a mother is the greatest gift. A child that is part of man and wife. Oh what joy it will be.

Beatrice Newkirk
The Best Time of My Life So Far

I have so much to be thankful for. First for God letting me be here up to 79 years.  Second for letting me be a mother, grandmother, and a great grandmother.  Third for me having 12 kids and teaching them to know right from wrong.  You have to raise kids but let them know who is the boss.  Teach them what I taught them.  Raising kids is a full time job.

Whether you have one of three or 12.  It takes lots of patience and love.  But most of all discipline.  You can’t let the kids raise you.  You are supposed to love and help and show understanding.