Monday, December 14, 2015

Liz (Two Birds)

In the previous blog post, Jen introduced this parakeet story as one that really spoke to her. Me too, Jen!! Liz's story is so funny yet so heartbreaking, so simple yet so intricate, the way real life and true love is. Two little love birds showing us simple humans how to live and love.

Liz Abrams 
Two Birds 

Adam and Eve parakeets, the children’s intro to the wild life. 

Yes she henpecked him 

At night he would pick the lock on the cage, ease out of the cage cove 
Out he would fly-  

He hung out all night 
Day in and day out 

She always squaked, squabbled, nagged
And cleaned his feathers 

Each night, he made his grand escape 

Before returning home in the morning to his cage 
He, Adam, would fly to each room
And pick our hair, our cheek
And wake us for the new day 

Then Adam returned home to his henpecked environment 

This ritual continued for almost a year 

Our family commented one day,  
One day, we are going to find Eve, flattened out
And Adam will be out of his misery 

And then, it happened 

One night, Adam and Eve, both out of the cage, walking on the living room floor and conversating 

She fell over and died 
The next day the children shoe-boxed her, buried her in the backyard facing the kitchen window 

Adam stood duty on the kitchen window facing Eve’s grave 

Never moved or ate anymore food- 
Just looked out daily, without movement 

And one morning, Adam lay on the kitchen floor, dead of a broken heart 

A henpecked man does not mean an unhappy man if shes the Love of his Life.