Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hattie (Happy Birthday to Me)

Today, a day before the official first day of our brand new group in Pitman, NJ – the first of 10 new groups that we are starting across America this year (yessss!!) I find myself craving some stories by Hattie. Hattie was one of the four seniors who attended the very first session of our original group, and still continues to attend today. Recalling childhood mishaps with humor, and living every day, no matter what it brings, with a radiant smile, that’s my bud Hattie!

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Hattie Lee Ellerbe
Happy Birthday to Me

It was May 10th, 1944 and I had just turned 11.  Uncle Bill was coming down the street with his dog named Jack.  I ran up to him and started pounding his arm,

            Uncle Bill
            Uncle Bill
            It’s my birthday

Jack, the dog, didn’t think too kindly of this…. he thought it was an attack.  He grabbed my foot and sank his teeth into it.

As the blood sprouted, my over protective father cried, “Take her to the hospital… take her to the hospital”.

Grandma said, “Let me see it, I’ll wash it and put some iodine on it”.  “No,” Daddy said as he hailed a cab.  We got to Emergency at Hahnemann Hospital where they washed it and put some iodine on it.

Since I had been playing, the dirt showed on the cotton.  Daddy looked at it and said “My God”.  We walked all the way back home.

Hattie Lee Ellerbe
More Memories

On a bright sunny day, I took my best friend, Bobby for a walk. I don’t remember how we got there, but I do remember to this day the location… It was 10th St. and Ridge Ave. This would have been clearly 3 ½ blocks from home. There was a beer bottling plant on 10th and Callowhill (at Ridge Ave.) where you could watch the bottles go around on a surveyor belt. This was fun to watch. It was fun until we realized that we were lost.

Bobby felt secure because I was older and we could find our way home. I was 2 months older… we both were three years old. My mother found us both standing on that corner, crying and confused.

All through life this was one of my favorite memories, and Bobby, no matter where he was, he was my first and favorite friend.