Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Joan and Beatrice (These Cold Days)

Who says weather is only reserved for small talk? In our seniors’ stories, they open up wonderful worlds with coal men, wood men, and snow angels! Stay bundled... stay warm!

Joan Bunting
A Snowy Day

Snow. I love the snow. I get excited when I listen to the weather forecasters announce that there will be snow, but I get kind of disappointed when we get only a small amount. I like watching the snowflakes fall. As I stand at my living room window on the ninth floor there’s always a big smile on my face. Now I know there’s lots of people that dread the weather forecasters prediction of an approaching snowstorm. My heart goes out to those who drive, or have made plans to travel by plane, bus or train because if the storm is bad enough, they’d have to postpone their trip.

Yet I’m still so happy. I picture myself making an angel in the snow, but I’d better not try doing that anymore. If I were to go so far as to lie down in the snow no one would be there to help me up.   

Beatrice Newkirk
These Cold Days

These cold days have been very strange - by the temperature being so low when it’s 8 below.  But we seniors know about the cold weather.  Growing up in the 30’s was not a picnic.  We had to make good of everything.  But we made it.  We had to make the fire before we could get warm.  We had to look for the wood men and then the coal men.  Everyone had a pot belly stove.  We always had a cooked meal.  People were very close in the olden days.  Families were very close.  There was always a mom and pop store.  Every corner had a store of some kind.  These days are nothing like we had years ago.