Friday, November 30, 2012

Read, Share, Support!

This is the birthday card my senior buds gave me a few months ago. It takes a leader to really dare to dream, to really believe that dreams can come true. This is how I know my senior buds themselves are officially and completely leaders of the world.

Last night I wrote an email to my amazing volunteer team - and realized I
I wanted to share the note with you all too. Why is that, I thought. And then it dawned me - you, our wonderful readers who are locking eyes with me right now on the screen, are part of our greater team.

So, Team, let's rock this holiday fund drive. It's not that we want to grow. We NEED to grow.  Lives depend on us.

$5. $10. A quick repost of this link on Facebook.

Your dollars and reposts are all it takes to change lives. All it takes.

Read on to see how exactly your donations will be used.

Hi Team,

Hope you all had a good holiday. Just want to thank those of you who have made a donation to the campaign and spread the word about it. I love seeing your donations, reposts and emails - it all just honestly makes me so happy.

This campaign will allow us to provide guidance to other people, so they can do what we've done at Philadelphia Senior Center and at test venues including our model satellite co-hosted with AARP and Free Library of Philadelphia. We will provide guidance through fun and easy-to-use web tools and face-to-face neighborhood-focused events. Some of us on the team have worked nights and days to map out the tools and the only thing we're missing is funding. As soon as we have funding, we can start building the tools and soon share them with the public. These tools will allow what we have done together to last well beyond our times, and reach seniors in every single family in this country.

So, please consider spreading the word, and donating, if you haven't yet:

Lives depend on us. We have something special. Today, like every Thursday, I was reminded of that when I saw the happiness and strength on our seniors' faces. If we simply share what we know, we can save lives.

As usual, thank you so much for every little and often not so little ;) thing you do, it adds up to something too beautiful for words.
All my best, Benita