Thursday, July 5, 2012

Loretta (Progress)

Madi and Loretta, summer 2010
Madi and Loretta, summer 2012
Hey everyone, hope you had a good Fourth yesterday!

July 4th means summer break is in full swing. And summer break means visitors of all ages, including our teens, are back in our classroom to listen to our seniors’ stories! Yay!

What makes me the happiest is seeing the same teens return. Did you know that our program has been in existence through 3 summers, and Madi has been with us for every single one of them?

First, in 2010, Madi joined us as a visitor, taking the train all the way from the suburbs. Then, in 2011, as our teen intern and lead blogger for our satellite class ( And now, in 2012, as a full-fledged core volunteer, taking up a whole range of responsibilities: organizing our thousands of seniors’ stories by theme (so you all can one day search them on an interactive website... stay tuned for more on that...!!), helping our program reach out to even more teens, in Philly and beyond, and assisting me at our original class – where she and I first met and where she will always belong.

Like the good old days, Madi handwrites Loretta’s stories for her – it is hard for Loretta to hold a pen for the length of a page because of her arthritis.
Loretta Gaither

A funny thing happened today when I came to the center. My train malfunctioned and I was the only person on the train. I went to the store to get some snacks. After that someone tried to rob me – but I used my cane to fend him off. Yesterday I found out that the social worker is going to try to make me homeless again, but I will not let it happen. I have faith because I know that God will help me find a new apartment. I will keep on praying because I know that God has my back. They can’t stop my progress – I will get back into housing.

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Thank you Madi  – your commitment is an inspiration to us all!