Friday, January 29, 2010

Helen (A Letter to Our Readers)

Helen is too, too nice. This is a little something she wrote just for you, yes you, as in YOU, who are reading this on your computer screen right now. Before reading out loud in class, she said, “I didn’t write much, but I want you to know, I mean it.” By the time she got to the end, my face was in my hands. My head was full of inexplicable emotions… happy doesn’t even begin to cover them…

Dear Readers,

It is my understanding that many of you are not only reading our stories, but that you are enjoying and often times, relating to them. When I was told this, I felt quite warm and thrilled all over :)

You see, when I first saw the new writing class listed as “The Best Day of My Life So Far” in our weekly newsletter at the Senior Center that I attend, my first thought was to see what it was like. Some classes can be very disappointing but this one, led by Benita Cooper, is so interesting I can barely wait until the next week comes around. We write about our experiences, both personal and otherwise. Often we just talk about them. There is also a lot of humor in our class.

Our class is growing in numbers. We even have a set of twin sisters!

I am so glad that Benita readily accepted when we asked her to remain with us – instead of leaving when the scheduled six weeks ended.

As a matter of fact, speaking of how much we enjoy the class and finding it so difficult to wait until the next class, when we meet (in passing at the Center) we might say:

“Are you coming to the class on Thursday?”

Or, “Did you write something for class?”

“Did you hear what Mo wrote about?”

“I like that class but we don’t have enough time.”

And to make it even more delightful, it seems as if we’ve always known our lovely Benita.